# Block Rewards

# Functioning

When we start in WorkerTown we will see that we will have 50% of our rewards blocked.

This percentage will decrease by 2% daily, with which we will have to withdraw 100% of our rewards when 25 days are up, or directly withdraw before but with a penalty.

# Daily Quest

If we want to speed up the blocking of rewards, we can carry out the daily mission that consists of reaching a goal of hours rested by Workers.

In case we fulfill the mission, the lock will be reduced by 0.5%, thus achieving that we can have 100% unlocked in 20 days.

In the event that we have a Worker with an Emblem resting in a House that has the same Emblem, the daily mission won't be affected by the 15% bonus. In other words, if our Worker rests for 72 hours and thanks to the Emblem it is reduced to 61 hours, when we wake up our worker, the 72 hours will be counted in the daily mission.

# Goal Table

Slots Objective Objective per Slot
2 44hs 22hs
3 63hs 21hs
4 80hs 20hs
Slots Objective Objective per slot
12 96hs 8hs
13 104hs 8hs
14 112hs 8hs
15 120hs 8hs
16 128hs 8hs
17 136hs 8hs
18 144hs 8hs
19 133hs 7hs
Slots Objective Objective per slot
20 140hs 7hs
21 147hs 7hs
22 154hs 7hs
23 161hs 7hs
24 144hs 6hs
25 150hs 6hs
26 156hs 6hs
27 162hs 6hs
28 168hs 6hs
29 174hs 6hs
Slots Objective Objective per slot
30+ Slots*5 5hs